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Me-O Viet Nam

Strategic Digital Marketing Partner

The 4-year combination brings the brand to the top of the market

  • PROJECT Digital Marketing
  • Year / 2018 - 2021
  • SERVICE Social Media
    Mascot Character
    Creative Campaign
    ITVC / Video
    Public Relation

Brand context

Me-O is the leading nutritional cat food product in the Thai market with a wide range of products ranging from taste to price.

In 2018, Me-O entered the Vietnamese market, at this time the feed market in Vietnam is still quite young. Pet owners do not have knowledge of pet care and still have the habit of feeding with human food.

The difficult problem for the Me-O Vietnam team is not only to communicate to increase brand awareness, but also to develop the cat food market. And to do this, it need a team of experienced brand communication companions

After 3 years of accompanying with 1990 Agency, Me-O Vietnam has become the market leading cat food brand, from 2019 to 2021. As one of the brands that owns the largest community of experts in cat nutrition and health, with many activities dedicated to cat lovers every year.

This success comes from Me-O having quality products at reasonable prices, a methodical marketing communication strategy and the patience of the Me-O Vietnam marketing team and the constant creative efforts of 1990 Agency.

Solution from 1990 Agency

In 2018 – 2019, Laying the first brick on the brand foundation:

Me-O Vietnam has not yet had a name in the market, so it is difficult to reach consumers compared to foreign brands that have been present since very early. Especially, they are very strong in the traditional market, the fastest way to catch up and surpass competitors is the digital environment – Fanpage Me-O Vietnam was born.

All content creation is handled by 1990 Agency for consistency.



In the year 2019 – 2020, becoming a “loved” brand:

Me-O Vietnam has the highest number of fans compared to other brands in the same segment, with a fanpage of more than 100,000 followers. 1990 Agency saw that competitors would soon follow and catch up, Me-O Vietnam needed more activities to move forward not only being a supplier of cat food, but becoming an interesting brand close to cat owner, at the same time, there is a health – nutrition community for them:

Build a representative character that is close and easy to remember (Mascot Character set).

Transforming brand communications into animated stories 

Comic Content is a content format favored by young people – Me-O’s target audience.


Create a community of Meo and Moi – Me-O’s own customer care and sharing community with activities, nutritionist health advice for pet cats, minigames with prizes, free samples of new products for community members.

Create 24h Minigame on Meo and Moi group, refresh content to retain members as well as increase the number of new members.

Launching high-end product using Video ITVC, build a more advanced brand image, suitable for the group of customers who have special care needs for their cats.

Cooperate with the KOL/Influencer network in the cat community to share the right knowledge about cat care and products.

KOL/Influencer posts on a personal page


Tiktok-er shoots and posts videos about products


In 2020 – 2021, Leading the cat food market:

After 3 years, Me-O Vietnam has knocked out competitors in the same segment to become the number 1 brand in the cat food market. This means that there is pressure to maintain market share and renew themselves, so the marketing team of Me-O Vietnam and 1990 Agency constantly come up with new and creative activities to capture minds and connect customers:

Nurture the “uniqueness” of Me-O with Photo Storytelling, a marketing format that is novel in the market, a successful campaign with 2,000,000 reaches in 1 week.

There are often online Livestreams with pet health experts who provide cat care knowledge. Integrate minigames to create excitement for the community.

Organize customer and agent day


  • Number 1

    market share of the cat food market in Vietnam.

  • Revenue increase 200%

    every year 2020.

  • Than 30,000

    members across the country.