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Reviews from experts

1990 Agency is proud to accompany businesses accelerating in the digital era. The compliments and recognitions from customers who have used our services are the most valuable and fairest proofs.

Ms Bach Linh

Chức vụ | Marketing Manager

Doanh nghiệp | FujiMart

We believe in accompanying 1990 Agency to launch the opening campaign for all 3 branches of FujiMart supermarket because the solutions are very creative and close to reality.

Ms Chi Nguyen

Chức vụ | Marketing Manager

Doanh nghiệp | PCV

1990 Agency is a strategic partner trusted by Perfect Companion Vietnam, accompanying many campaigns to help brands solve difficult problems on the Digital platform, contributing to increasing recognition and market share.

Mr Donald Nguyen

Chức vụ | Managing Editor

Doanh nghiệp | WeCreate

The WhatElse publication "Rules of the Creative Game" is a difficult "problem", requiring outstanding design, harmony in content and friendliness in use - yet the 1990 Agency team has "cleared" it excellently.

Mr Hung Thien

Chức vụ | CEO

Doanh nghiệp | Gcomm Research

Having done market research for many years, according to him, every agency must help customers have real growth. And he completely believes in the can-do talent of 1990 Agency

Mr Tan Dung

Chức vụ | Director

Doanh nghiệp | Anh Khue Watch

During 3 years of companionship, 1990 Agency has created many successful campaigns that helped achieve outstanding growth in Casio Vietnam brand awareness on digital platforms.

Ms Hang Tran

Chức vụ | Brand & Marcom Manager

Doanh nghiệp | KOVA Group - KOVA Trading

1990 Agency has accompanied KOVA from 2020 to present, implementing many campaigns to increase awareness on the digital platform, especially in 2021, the campaign to launch the product CN-05 and re-launch CT-11A Tuong achieved effective communication. very good, contributing to opening up new demand & promoting sales growth

Ms Tuong Vi

Chức vụ | Card Product Manager

Doanh nghiệp | ACB

Strategy to launch practical and smart ACB Digi cards, directly reaching more than 1 million customers, contributing to a sharp increase in transaction sales. Professional team, quickly taking advantage of immediate market reactions, turning them into strengths for the product.

Ms Phuong Yen

Chức vụ | Marketing Executive

Doanh nghiệp | Rinnai

Team 1990 is not only a professional partner but also a vitamin for the brand on days when deadlines are piling up. The way everyone worked hard as well as enthusiastically supported me, which helped me feel more secure and motivated when conquering difficult tasks.


1990 Agency sincerely thanks our customers, partners for trusting us with your brands and sharing a part of your journey with us. The success of our clients is our major motivation to continue developing, reach new creative heights and keep doing what we do.