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  • PROJECT Brand love Photo Storytelling - The first new format application in Vietnam on Social.
  • Year / 2017
  • SERVICE Manage Fanpage
    Content Creation


In 2020, most Facebook users are only looking for highly entertaining content, besides, content that provides knowledge is often of little interest and difficult to impress people.

For these reasons, the quick capture of trends that are happening on social networks and apply them to the brand’s products are constant challenges.

In the case of SmartHeart?

SmartHeart is the leading pet dog food brand in Thailand with a wide range of products, such as: Food for pregnant dogs, puppies, pug dogs that need to improve muscles, …

Currently, the SmartHeart brand and its competitors are simply posting daily content, just introduce the product in a basic way, but have not yet made a connection or impressed consumers.

Besides the content, the visual design is not uniform and systematic to stand out the image brand.

Strategy of 1990 Agency

Increase the awareness of the brand’s Facebook fanpage with 2 criteria:

– Create a content library on Facebook with clear guidelines and style – anthropomorphization of pets and everyday stories with their owners.

– Catching the trend and adapting to the brand to create a viral trend, play a role as a companion of pet dog owners in Vietnam.

– Synchronize design images in terms of color, style and theme of each month.

Action plan

Highlight 1: Content Always On follow DAI CA and LU concept

– Humanize the dog character and the relationship with the owner; Create a personalized title that can be applied to any situation.

– Create content that possesses the insights from dog owners; from which readers feel themselves in articles that increase original interaction.

– In fact, the dog owners always tends to talk to their pets, the creation of a voice for the pet to dialogue with the owner creates a great consensus from the dog owner community.

Highlight 2: Video launching Smartheart Mother & Baby Dog

– Create a story when the dog is pregnant and Doctor SmartHeart gives the health care process.

– Use an animation style with a close-up Shiba dog character to convey the message to the owner fully without being boring.

Highlight 3: Catch Trends

– Actively catch trends on social networks such as football matches, anthropomorphizing to create dialogue stories between dogs such as fortune-telling by date of birth, “take me away by hand”, etc.

Highlight 4

– Being one of the first agencies to apply the form of Photo Storytelling Post as an interactive story to advertise products.

– Build a script for Photo Storytelling Post taking advantage of the funny and lovely expressions of the dog and the owner. Create a plot with a highlight and an unexpected ending twist. -> Converting a high-cost form on the mainstream communication channel into a project to attract attention on the digital media channel at a reasonable cost.

– Take advantage of KOL appearing on Photo Storytelling Post and share via KOL’s own Community channel.


Within 1 year, the fanpage increased its followers by 240%, the number of fans increased from 50,000 to 120,000. For Photo Storytelling Posts, the CTR achieved 25%, reaching 2,287,000 Reach in 3 days, 400% more than the initial set KPI.

  • Achieve 25%


  • Achieve 2,287,000

    Reach in 3 days

  • Overcome 400%

    Initial KPIs

From content engagement 20-30 likes/each post this has increased by 1,000 - 1,500 likes/post on average.