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Optimizing the purchasing process

How to let new brands take the lead in online shopping

  • Year / 2016
  • SERVICE Content Creation
    Website design
    Social media advertising


2016 was one of the boom years in digital technology in the 2010s, and the definition of “social media fame” was used the most during this time.

At the same time, this is also the time when people connect with each other more strongly through the internet – the library searches for information about new products. So with a foreign cosmetic brand like “Laneige”, what is the opportunity to approach Vietnamese customers to introduce new products?

In the case of Laneige?

Laneige faced great competition from many sides when it first entered the Vietnamese cosmetics market because there were not many selling points and distribution channels in the habit of consumers who usually buy products directly from stores. kiosks at shopping malls.

At this time, if you want to buy Laneige products, you have to order from foreign websites and it takes 10-15 days to receive the product, or buy back from portable sellers who encounter poor quality goods, affecting the brand’s reputation brand.

Strategy of 1990 Agency

Identify target customer groups and needs

– Young customers (18-24 years old) are very interested in new experiences, foreign brands, but have not had the opportunity to experience and buy Laneige products due to the high mid-range price.

– The group of customers (28-34 years old) who have used familiar Laneige products, want to upgrade to specialized product lines.

Take a strategic approach

– Attracting young people by offering “limited editions” of new products, at special prices. Just participate in sharing the offer on your personal page.

– Launching the specialized product set “Brighten skin with 2 tones”, customers who have used the product just need to visit the website, write their experience of used Laneige products, they will immediately receive a new set of products for free. fees and special gifts if the shared post gets high engagement.

– Create a contest exclusively for used customers, on the motto “real people, real products” customers share the reality of purchased products with pictures to create the effect of increasing Brand Trust.

– Consolidate customers’ trust with the brand through a network of hot faces and KOLs.

Remove barriers to purchase and product experience

At this time, the e-commerce platform is still in its infancy, there are still many limitations, it is very difficult to receive and deliver orders, delivery and receipt of orders takes 5 to 10 days, creating a bad experience.

– Determined to eliminate the traditional option, 1990 Agency combined with the shipping unit through the API link, the payment process was automated, 100% of the products were prepackaged at the warehouse, when there was an order from the webiste will be pushed directly to the shipping unit’s warehouse and customers can receive the order within 24 hours. (is the fastest delivery speed at that time, when there was no 2h delivery unit).

Action plan

Step 1: Set up an online sales channel

– Build a website to buy online with preferential prices within 3 days.

– Create minigames on micro-site to collect customer data and create advertising resources.

Step 2: Run ads

– Google Adsword with keyword group about Brand name, product use.

– Facebook Ads about the promotion program with a direct link to the brand’s website.

– Google Display Netword with banner about incentive program to stimulate clicks.

Step 3: PR and KOL & Influencers Networks

– Place PR articles on 7 major websites about women and lifestyles.

– Collaborate with 6 KOL keys and 17 hot faces, the right influencer with the customer file using the product.




The campaign takes place within 3 weeks to bring back

  • 16,611,367


  • 40,113


  • 48,000

    Views – PR Article

The campaign attracted more than 861 attendees to upload photos and helped the brand sell more than 278 sets of products.