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  • Year / 2019
  • SERVICE Content Creation
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In 2019, when Heart-warning content always achieved the highest natural interaction rate and is a mark on the brand image. Women are identified as strong images, always overcoming adversity. With the October 20 campaign, Vincom Retail wants to build a campaign to honor women – Women are always “Concerned”.

In the case of Vincom?

With the October 20 campaign, Vincom Retail wants to build a campaign to honor women – Women are always “Concerned”.

Since then, Vincom has appeared in the minds of customers not only as a simple product, but also with humanity, concern for the community and users.

Strategy of 1990 Agency

Approach to the problem:

In order to bring the campaign to “dig” deep into the emotions of Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20, the campaign will be developed with honest stories through the point of view of husbands and boyfriends: sometimes they also cold, but it contains many emotions, maybe it’s the words of love that have not been explained for a long time…

And the campaign will also be an opportunity for Women to share their sorrows when being forgotten, the happiness of being cared for and to help them understand “What do men think about them?”.

From that reason 1990 Agency decided to build a writing contest “Letter to the woman I love” through the form of Confession writing.

The meaning of the form of “Confession” was to convey feelings and thoughts, which easily conveyed a sincere feeling and honest to readers as well as contest participants.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, they will all have a day to GIVE love and RECEIVE love to each other, to understand and to CARE not only on one day of the year.

Run of the Confession Online

Create a contest form so that participants can send their confessions to the judges


The Confessions category moves “LOVE LETTER” TO DEAR WOMEN. Vincom will collect the most unique “letters” to the person you want to send with a blue rose on October 20.


Throughout the whole campaign will use cartoon drawing style (pencil/watercolor) to sketch based on the confession’s true story to make content close.


Local Artist Vu Mini Art is a character chosen by 1990 Agency to be the companion of the campaign. With a simple watercolor painting style and close to social network users. Vu’s products always touch the hearts of viewers because they are honest and peaceful. Vu’s companion in drawing illustrations for the confession’s story will create the best highlight for the campaign.


The image of an immortal blue rose only blooms when love is big enough and sincere enough.



A lot of letters were sent, 1990 Agency and artist developed illustrations after receiving confession within 24 hours was the decisive point in the campaign.



Results, after more than 10 days of implementation, obtained:

  • More than 100


  • More than 858,801


  • Increase 80,569

    interactions, share content

Collected 858,801 reach through Confession posts and articles in just over 10 days of implementation. Increase 80,569 interactions, share content, more than 50,000 are natural interactions even though the implementation of the campaign is very urgent. Hundreds of entries were sent to the Confession link. Thousands of campaign hashtags #Vincom #Motngayyeuthuong #Tronmuaquantam #20thang10 #PhuNuVietNam #VincomConfession shared during the campaign.