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  • PROJECT Digital Marketing
  • Year / 2019
  • SERVICE Social Media Planing
    Creative Content
    Facebook Ads Performance

Background and goals

Dong Tam Group Fanpage and the brand’s digital assets are still thin and have no proper investment compared to the brand’s stature.

Content on Fanpage has not caught up with the user’s trend, it is necessary to build a young brand image, time with social networks but still on the foundation is the nuances and spirit of Dong Tam Group.

Create a highlight when launching 3 new product sets, of which the mainstream product is Gecko anti-slip tiles. Escaping from the shadow is the national tile brand to launch a diverse and high-quality product catalog such as construction materials and furniture.


Use Facebook Fanpage as the main communication channel to target young users and take advantage of Dong Tam’s available resources



Among the existing digital assets of Dong Tam Group at that time, including the website and fanpage, the website needs to be adjusted a lot of time, which could affect the product launch schedule and not have many visitors. Therefore, Facebook was chosen as the key platform in the early stages of the campaign to help Dong Tam Group quickly reach the young customer group and target consumers and actively introduce new product lines.

Build content orientation and brand image towards “For the good life” for Vietnamese people.

The 1990 Agency launched content and image orientation towards a multi-industry, multi-professional corporation, not only having tiles but also many quality product lines geared towards “For the good life” for Vietnamese people.


Through the launch strategy, the products link together in the direction of telling a complete story for the house from the outside to the inside:

  • For the home yard, swimming pool, and campus – places that are directly exposed to the weather outside, GECKO’s anti-slip tile product line will be applied because it is anti-slip, has high durability, and is suitable for the climate and weather in Vietnam.
  • Living room, bedroom – the commonplace of each family will have a line of ENZYME TILES to show the aesthetic gout of the owner and honor Vietnamese culture.
  • Bathrooms – there will be PEAR 3 sanitary equipment to create comfort and convenience in today’s modern life of Vietnamese people.


Gecko – delivering a message “Safety on each step” is divided into two stages:


With the line of Art Ceramic Tiles, 1990 Agency and Dong Tam marketing team emphasized the message “New technology for old beauty”. The innovative line of cement tiles with modern technology and materials is a nostalgic trend, targeted directly at customers who want to renovate their living space and honor the beauty of old architecture.


With Pear 3, the 1990 Agency and Dong Tam marketing team brought the image of a modern brand and brought the best benefits through the most advanced technology with the message of safety, antibacterial, and intelligent product lines. 


Reach out to each customer group

The campaign doesn’t stop at posts but also diversifies content formats and approaches, such as monthly Mini-Games activities and a series of articles collaborating with large home interiors Facebook groups.

Facebook Interactive Games bring joy to the fan page, connect brands and customers, and attract a lot of interaction.


Articles on NGHIỆN DÉCOR, KHOE NHÀ, HAPPYNEST – groups with nearly 1 million members, attract a lot of interaction and discussion from users.


Without stopping, the campaign time is the rainy season: this is a suitable time to leverage the Gecko key product line with anti-slip properties.

Regarding resources, Dong Tam Group’s website has also been adjusted. In addition to the data of potential customers obtained from the campaign, 1990 Agency and Dong Tam marketing team expanded the campaign to promote advertising activities on the Google platform as a lever to increase the conversion rate.

The banners target customers who have viewed and interacted with Dong Tam’s content and have been looking for solutions to prevent slips and falls for their families. The banners are optimized to display the right audience and at the right time to attract high traffic on Dong Tam’s website.


The Dong Tam Group Fanpage has been significantly improved in terms of content, creating momentum for future communication campaigns. Three product groups achieved great recognition on social networks, contributing to increased revenue.

  • More than 14,000,000

    Facebook reach

  • Increase 4.207%

    of engagement rate over the same period

  • More than 50,000

    new traffic to the website