DISCOVER THE WALL OF FAME - 1990.Agency - Digital Marketing Agency


At 1990 Agency, each member is an unique individual, that has an important role in the maintenance and development of the company. Whether you’re an old member or a new arrival, 1990 Agency always recognizes your contribution. Therefore, at 1990 Agency, there is a wall of fame, which honors all members.

Traditionally, after the probation period, 1990 Agency will organize a special admission day to congratulate the new member on officially joining 1990 family. The member also has a picture hang on the wall of fame.

This is also a great corner to check in and selfie that is loved by 1990er. If you have the opportunity to visit 1990 Agency, you can take some beautiful photos as souvenirs here.

Let’s review the interesting and cute moments of the members when hanging photos on each fame!

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